'All that I ask, is just one tender touch.

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I fail at hiding from people anyway, so there's my name to make it easier for you to stalk me.
"If your going to stay, stay forever. If your going to leave, do it today."

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goddamnit yes

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"When a depressed person falls madly in love, is the most dangerous shit ever."
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i had self esteem for like 3 minutes once

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If only I thought I was worth something. I could probably achieve some things, but that seems doubtful. 

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This woman has a lot of good shit to say.

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"She wanted to leave. I loved her too much to make her stay."
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"I hope she’s a lesbian."
Me (about every cute girl ever)

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"I wanted to crawl into her chest and kiss everything that she thought I’d hate."
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But always you will have the glorious memories of Rydell High. Rydell forever.” - Grease (1978)

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"I wanna get so high that im lost forever"
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